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The Weed Cookbook App Has Recipes for All Meals (Psychedelic Graphics Included)

With marijuana laws mellowing, the era of weed cookbook apps is ready to catch fire.

Now that recreational marijuana has been legalized in Colorado and Washington state, there will undoubtedly be a growing, albeit very relaxed, number of consumers looking to turn their culinary impulses toward cannabis. And while there are already many decent print cookbooks on the topic (marketed toward those who legally purchase medical marijuana), the world of ganja cooking apps is still in a haze, awaiting legitimacy.

The Weed Cookbook app, 99 cents for Android devices from, is as good as any currently on the market. The psychedelic graphics are kept relatively in-check, and the more than 40 recipes are divided into four simple sections: drinks, meals, snacks, and sweets. Especially sweets. Besides the predictable brownie options, there are bud Rice Krispie treats, stonies fudge, and baked apples stuffed with cinnamon and you-know-what. The chill tone of the anonymous author(s) comes through in the directions for making a canna-coffee milkshake: “If you have the time, finely chop your cannabis and let it sit overnight in milk.”

The key to creating a meal that will give you the munchies, while not causing you to pass out, is to first prepare a batch of grass-infused butter. This not only allows for easier measurement, it ensures that the all-important and psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol blends evenly into the dish. Thus, the app contains a section devoted to the proper concocting of ganja butter, cannabis ghee and hempy oil. With those on hand, savory dishes like green eggs & ham are a breeze. Indeed, some users may find some dishes too breezy. Easy Mac & Cheese, for instance, calls for π cup milk, 3 tablespoons of cannabutter, and one box of Kraft macaroni & cheese.

With marijuana laws mellowing, weed cookbook apps are ready to catch fire.

Download Stoner’s Cookbook App (Full Version)

Stoner Chef 420’s best marijuana edible recipes are now the cookbook app! Pay no more for cannabis edibles but cook them instead, in your home (make sure it is totally legal in your place). It is for android, available for download right now, free of charge, by this link:

Best Stoner’s Cooking Experiences, all in one cookbook app.

For those who prefer apk files, here the apk file by the link:

The best selection of professional marijuana edible recipes from the famous Chef 420 (check his twitter page here). Loved by many stoner’s best cheesecake recipes, infused with cannabis, all secrets of cannabis candymaking, everything! including the very basics of marijuana edibles – cannabutter recipe and cannabis oil recipe. All in one, the perfect Beginner’s Cooking Guide for Stoners:

You Will Discover:
– Why do you want thermometer for stoner’s cooking weed edibles?
– Weed-cooking temperature regimes to keep the most of THC
– Canna candies and cheesecakes – infusing everything!
– Canna butter – the best way to store your weed
– Tips and tricks on cannabis candymaking
– THC Infused Blueberry Cheesecake
– Chef420’s Caramel Brownies
– Chef420’s Kahlua Brownie
– Infused Cannabis Oil
– Chocolate Cherry
– Butterscotch
– Get it!

The application is the handy stoner’s cookbook with the most premium recipes for marijuana edibles, you can cook in home conditions. It presents the effective alternative way to store the marijuana buds, at the first place, in a form of cannabis butter or cannabis cooking oil – find how do do that in this splendid free app. In case of cooking you loose none of the weed potency, yet it happens with smoking because you do not actually inhale all of it but when you it you eat all of it – that’s a 100% personal opinion, and not a guide, neither an advice, we have tried cooking weed for the first time couple of weeks ago, and it was an awesome experience. Yet you need follow the recipe very very accurately, especially about the temperature regimes, it’s not a simple quest I must say yet very engaging!

Download Stoner’s Cookbook App (Full Version) Stoner Chef 420’s best marijuana edible recipes are now the cookbook app! Pay no more for cannabis edibles but cook them instead, in your home (make