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Is CBD Legal in Thailand?

If you’ve been keeping up with our pages, you’ll know we recently published an article on CBD law in Indonesia , which was a little scary, to say the least. But what of Indonesia’s hippy cousin? How do the rules work there? Is CBD legal in Thailand?

First, a disclaimer…

Before we get started, we should accept that in our intro paragraph we bought into a traditional stereotype that’s actually not particularly safe, so we’re clear that up.

Despite its hippy haven reputation, drug laws in Thailand are actually still really strict, some of the strictest in the world, in fact. We don’t recommend taking or using illegal drugs anywhere, but we especially recommend that you read into Thai laws before obviously not doing such things.

The Changing Attitudes Towards CBD in Thailand

Here is where Thailand does step away from its neighbour, Indonesia, and into a more progressive attitude.

While until recently Thailand and Indonesia law had similar opinions of CBD, basically it’s a drug and there’s a hearty prison sentence waiting for you if you use it, Thailand has loosened its stance a great deal recently, which is nice!

CBD is in fact both legal and available for purchase in Thailand at this point. Which is useful, because we wouldn’t necessarily recommend travelling with it (more on that later).

Where to Buy CBD in Thailand

If you are in Thailand and you are on the lookout for CBD products, you shouldn’t have to look far.

The majority of alternative medicine and natural health shops in the country, especially in bigger and most tourist-filled areas, wills tock a wide selection of CBD oils and other products.

CBD isn’t actually that popular amongst the Thai population (yet), so it may be harder to find when you move away from the go-to tourist destinations, but should still be possible.

What About Online Purchase?

Online purchase is a little more complex, so let’s get into that here.

Basically, it is technically illegal to buy CBD oil in Thailand since the law changes, which state that CBD being sold online as a health food is illegal for consumption… except when it isn’t.

While many people in Thailand quote this ruling, many don’t realise there is more to it. As long as the CBD contains a THC content less than 0.2% (the same as under EU regulation), it is actually entirely legal to sell and buy CBD in Thailand.

Can you Travel to Thailand with CBD Products?

Yes, absolutely you can, it is 100% legal to do so. Should you, however?

To be honest, as we mentioned above, we wouldn’t recommend it. There is still some confusion about the differences between CBD and THC in the country, and the last thing you want is to be having that conversation with a customs officer with the added complication of a language barriers.

So for now, as much as you can travel into Thailand with CBD products on your person, we’d suggest probably not doing that.

Is it Legal to grow CBD in Thailand?

While we’re going through the law, let’s tick off the last logical question. Is it legal to grow CBD in Thailand?

This also changed when the law changed, making it legal to grow hemp for personal use, as long as the necessary licenses and permits have been obtained. Basically, get a local lawyer, because you’ll need your paperwork to be all good.

If you are growing (again, only for personal use, anything else is still trafficking) you can only grow one of the low THC content strains that has been directly approved by the government of Thailand.

Basically, this is another one that is technically legal, but we suggest avoiding it.

Our ultimate advice is this, if you’re travelling to Thailand, buy your CBD when you get there, preferably in a shop. It’s entirely legal to do so, and offers the smallest possibility for some unpleasant confusions between you and the local law.

Have you purchased CBD in Thailand? How easy was it for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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CBD law in Indonesia, which was a little scary, to say the least. But what of Indonesia’s hippy cousin? Is CBD legal in Thailand?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Thailand? Everything You Need to Know

As of August 30, 2019 the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) no longer lists cannabidiol (CBD) as a narcotic making CBD oil legal in Thailand. However, that does not come without some caveats.

  • CBD (Cannabidiol) extract with at least 99% purity and no more than 0.01% THC by weight are exempted.
  • Extracts having CBD as the main constituent and no more than 0.2% by weight of THC, are considered Drugs as per the Drug Act, or Herbal Products per the Herbal Products Act.

These exemptions only apply to CBD produced in Thailand. The exemption will not apply to imported CBD for a period of five years.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and is the chemical that produces the marijuana high. THC and CBD have similar medicinal benefits but CBD does not produce a euphoric high like THC.

Obtaining CBD Oil Legally in Thailand

At the moment, the only option to obtain CBD oil legally in Thailand is to obtain a prescription from a doctor authorized to prescribe medical cannabis and to purchase it from a licensed clinic.

Technically, tourists can bring CBD into Thailand for personal use (maximum 30-day supply) but they will need an import permit from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and as of this time, there does not seem to be an easy to understand process on how to request permission to bring CBD oil into the country.

In order to obtain a permit to bring CBD into Thailand, one would need a prescription from a doctor in their country of residence and documentation concerning the condition CBD was prescribed for.

Again, for your imported CBD oil to be legal in Thailand it would need to conform to the exemptions listed above as THC is still considered a Category 5 narcotic.

This is an important consideration as many CBD products available in the United States and other countries where cannabis is legal often include a much higher percentage of THC than what is allowed under Thai law.

It’s important to keep in mind that these laws that make CBD oil legal in Thailand are relatively new and involve coordination across multiple governmental agencies.

We will continue to update this page as new information becomes available.


Cannabis Bill is a medical cannabis advocate from the United States. He has previously lived in both California and Nevada, states that have both medical and adult-use cannabis with great success. He currently lives in Thailand and continues to write about and promote cannabis related causes.

As of August 30, 2019 the Ministry of Public Health no longer lists cannabidiol (CBD) as a narcotic making CBD oil legal in Thailand. ]]>