can u smoke weed stems

3 ways to use your weed stems

Weed stems can be a gray area for the average cannabis smoker.

Can you smoke them? Should you smoke them?

If you find yourself wondering this very thing, you’re not alone. It’s a common question we get from people who are new to smoking cannabis. And since no question is a dumb question when it comes to having a great cannabis experience, let’s unpack all the details on weed stems.

What are weed stems?

Weed stems are the small, stick-like pieces that sometimes end up in the cannabis flower you buy from the dispensary. Depending on the quality of flower you bought, you may end up with a few or more stems in your haul. For example, shake bought from dispensaries tends to contain more stems than non-shake flower. Unlike the dense buds of the cannabis plant, weed stems contain very little to no THC (the main active ingredient in cannabis).

Can you smoke weed stems?

Although you may be tempted to, you should not smoke weed stems. Smoking stems from cannabis plants will not get you high due to their lack of THC. If you do decide to smoke stems, you’ll likely experience a few of the negative side effects that come with smoking, like coughing and sore throat, without the fun of a THC high.

In other words, it’s simply not worth it.

Alternative uses for weed stems

The good news is your stems don’t have to go to waste. Although you can’t smoke them, stems still have some surprisingly useful purposes in life. Here are a few of the most popular ways people are making good use out of their weed stems.

1. Cannabutter

Did you know you can use discarded weed stems to help make a cannabis-infused butter? If you have a good amount of stems saved up, toss them in with the rest of your flower when you start the decarboxylation process. These stems won’t bring any potency to your final product, but they will add some cannabis-inspired umami. Butter containing cannabis is a good thing to have on hand because it is the foundation of most edible recipes.

2. Cannabis topicals

Much like the infused butter recipe, you can decarboxylate any leftover weed stems with 7-10 grams of dried cannabis. After this process has been completed, you can infuse the cannabis and stems with coconut oil. This creates the base for many cannabis topical recipes, like lip balms and lotions.

3. Cannabis tea

Another excellent way to make use of your stems is by making a cannabis-infused tea. Cannatea is a good choice for when you only have a small number of stems you want to use.

For example, our cannabis-infused tea recipe only requires 2 teaspoons of weed stems and is ready to drink in about ten minutes. This recipe is flexible and allows you to customize with different tea flavors until you find your ideal combination.

Start saving your weed stems

As you can see, the life of a weed stem can go above and beyond the time it spends in your grinder. If you want to get better about keeping your stems (given your new knowledge of their magic), we recommend that you keep a jar to collect your weed stems over time. That way, you’ll always have a fresh stash ready when you want to tackle any of these projects.

What do you think about cannabis stems?

Have you done anything special with your leftover weed stems? Are they more useful than we originally thought? We want to hear about it! Join the conversation on Twitter, or leave us a comment below.

Want to make use of your weed stems? We've got three smokeless ways to help you do it.

Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

The use of weed has been very popular all over the world. Providing the benefits that are both for recreation and medicinal, there is no wonder why it is so appreciated by many people. Plus, there is the fact that many states have already approved the use of weed.

However, some of you are curious to know – can you smoke weed stems? Unfortunately, you might find the answer unfavorable to you for a simple reason that smoking the weed stems is a horrible idea. You should know by now that it is an awful idea that will never provide you high. This is because the levels of THC in the weed stems practically do not exist.

Can You Smoke Weed Stems – Why Not?

It is only logical to wonder whether it is good to smoke the stems, especially if there are many extra parts available. You do not like to drain your stems.

As mentioned, THC is non-existent in the weed stems. THC is known to be the essential component of the weed. It is the component that makes one feel high and blissful.

However, smoking stems is not pleasant at all. The health concerns from the weed stem are commonly the ignition and absorption of the material of the plant that is very similar to the adverse health concerns of smoking the bud. Nevertheless, the bud possesses a lot of psychedelic elements that grant the blissful high experience which the stem is not able to provide.

Smoking the weed stem is the same as smoking sandpaper – it is relatively impractical.

Smoking Weed Stems Will Not Give You High

Weed stems are important for the vigorous growth of the plant. They do not only work to hold the weight of the plant, but it also delivers fluids and nutrients from the roots going to the remaining parts of the plant.

However, the weed stems themselves have an insignificant quantity of THC. That is being explained by the psychedelic component that is released by the trichomes, which are mainly seen in the buds, flowers, and leaves. Any trichomes that form in the stem are remarkably minimal and near to the surface, with very minimal THC in them. How minimal?

Normally, the buds of a hearty plant can possess a THC concentration that is as much as 30 percent. The leaves may only have around 3 to 5 percent. While the stems, on the other hand, have even less.

That is the detailed way of telling you that you will not get high if you smoke weed stems. There is very minimal THC in them that it is not even worthy of your effort.

Common Side Effects of Smoking Weed Stems

Aside from the fact that smoking weed stems will not give you the benefit of high, smokers will only suffer from different side effects. The only thing you get in smoking weed stems is a grueling headache. Nevertheless, everything else is still present. And we do not want to support any reckless conduct. If you want to utilize your weed stems, you can learn the many useful and innovative approaches to maximize your weed stem bundle.

Can you smoke weed stems? The answer is, no. However, you should first know the comprehensive ideas on why it is not good to smoke weed stems.

Here are the common side effects of smoking the weed stems:

Worsened Migraines or Dreadful Headache

As mentioned above, one of the most common side effects of smoking stems is a headache. Also, since there is practically no THC seen in the stems, smokers will barely enjoy an explosion of creativity or encouragement. Rather, they will acquire differing effects. Generally, you will end up injuring your cognitive system.

Also, if you are inclined to migraines, you should know that smoking stems do not only initiate an attack. It will also essentially aggravate it. So, if you want to be gentle with yourself, you should never consider smoking stems.

Damage in the Digestive System

Smoking the stems can trigger issues in the digestive system. Smoking the stem gives an outrageous taste that is nearly suggestive of what it is about to do. Moreover, stinging abdominal pain is one of the most agonizing experiences.

Damage in the Lungs

The fact is that smoking anything is a destruction to the lungs. When you breathe in the smoke from an ignited dried herb, it is said that you are concurrently breathing in over 100 various toxins – some of these are carcinogenic.

The natural reaction of the lungs to breathing in a cloud of smoke is to narrow. That is the reason why it is very threatening for asthmatic people to smoke tobacco or weed.

How to Utilize Weed Stems?

The truth is that weed stems can be reused and maximized, but it is not good to smoke them. You do not have to throw away your stems if you find it hard to let them go. You can come up with some good ideas to still use them. So, what are you going to do with your weed stems?

Stem Butter

Weed stem butter is also a better alternative than smoking the weed stems. If you have tried making a cannabis butter before, you would know that this is alike, only that this time you will require the use of weed stems. Butter is quite less potent; however, anyone would agree that it is still worth trying it.

Dissolve a regular butter in the pan. Place nicely ground weeds, stir for around 45 minutes and place it in the fridge.

Stem Oil

Weed stem tea can be the best way to reuse the weed stems. However, reusing stems is not only limited to making tea. Stem oil can also be done. You may also do it using the other parts, like the buds. Stems shall cut down its strength; however, it is still more ideal than storing them.

Secure a container of isopropyl alcohol and crush the weed stems until they turn to powder. Place them in a jar, place the alcohol, cover it, and shake for a little while. Place the freshly mixed in a bowl to keep away the remains of the plant.

The dish may be placed on an open surface, but you have to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. Gradually, the alcohol will die out, leaving you a gummy coating. Grate it up, form it into a ball, and have a good time.

Weed Stem Tea

Putting some weed stems in your tea will make a good idea to contribute a relaxing feeling. Certainly, weed stem tea will not give you high; however, it can create a short sensation of blissfulness, not to be specific with the calming effects. Add weed stems into your favored tea – it complements well with chamomile, peppermint, or chai.

Making stem tea is quite easy. But first, the stems should be decarboxylated – crumble your stems into little pieces. Just make sure that you do not exaggerate it. If you make them into powder, they will become bitter. Place the scraps in a pot, put some water, a little amount of coconut oil and let it boil. Let it simmer for 15 minutes. You may filter the water, then add your preferred tea and relish the moment.

Stem Paper

Combining office paper or recycled newspaper with weed stems makes an unrefined, yet amusing paper applicable for creating various items. The hardest part of creating paper is first creating a deckle.

In a blender, mix an equal quantity of recycled paper and stems. Place sufficient water to allow the mixture to blend and move freely.

Once the mixture is a slurry with fewer bits remained unpulverized, evenly poured out into eh deckle. Lightly vibrate and shake until the pulp is smoothly spread. Drain it and let it dry. Wait for 24 hours, lightly take off the paper away, and suspend to thoroughly dry. Cut according to your requirements.

Whether you like to make a stem butter, stem oil, stem tea, or stem paper, stems can be effectively reused. You do not have to throw them away just because you are advised not to smoke them.


A lot of cannabis enthusiasts are wondering at a certain point – can you some weed stems? Understandably, you want to cherish every single part of your weed and do not want to waste it – not even the stem. If you are an enthusiast of weeds, there is a good possibility that you have a bundle of weed stems stored.

However, if you are planning to utilize these stems by smoking them, then you better think again. Smoking stems is a poor idea. You should know that this is impractical since it does not give you the desired high. It is somehow useless to smoke stem, aside from the fact that it only gives you several side effects.

If you do not like to waste your weed stems, then it would be better if you utilize them by employing some innovative ideas.

Wondering what to do with your weed stems? Know the possibility of smoking weed stems & its effects on your body. ]]>