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Cat eats weed cookie, gets ‘violently high’

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If you’ve ever had a weed edible, you’ll know just how trippy the experience can be.

Carmine Deville’s cat, Carmilla, had that experience first hand after an accident caused her to eat a full weed cookie.

The incident was shared on Twitter, and the thread has thousands of likes, with people (perhaps evilly) laughing at the situation.

Carmine first explained Carmilla’s nature, jokingly calling her a ‘horrible gremlin kitten’ and ‘an indestructible Dumpster Demon TM with a stomach of steel’.

She also said that Carmilla would ‘fight god for half a stale bagel and win’, which really says all you need to know about this hardy little kitty.

So, what happened?

Well, Carmine took a pre-made weed cookie out of the freezer and popped it on top of the fridge before nipping to the loo.

My horrible gremlin kitten snarfed an entire weed cookie and got v i o l e n t l y high the other day: a thread

She’d clearly forgotten that her cats – especially Carmilla – would never let snacks go uneaten, and despite the paper wrapping and three freezer bags encasing the cookie, she came back to find it gone.

Just the chocolate chips were left (which is lucky as chocolate can be lethal for cats), and Carmine now had to see which one of her two cats (the other is called Béla Lugosi) had eaten the herby treat.

Carmine, a model and burlesque producer, was freaking out, and said: ‘Cue 30 minute montage of me crying while rolling my cats up in towels and force-feeding them peroxide in alteration while they struggle. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t work.)’

You know that feeling when you get a little too high and suddenly find yourself crying in a Taco Bell drive-thru at 2:17AM? Milla did that, but instead of a drive-thru it was behind the toilet, and in the bathtub, repeatedly. #CarmillaKitten

Hydrogen peroxide in small quantities is a known emetic for cats, but doesn’t always work, and certainly didn’t on these kitties strong stomachs who often eat food from bins.

Carmine then said it was too late to do anything, and instead had to just wait it out to see if there would be any ill effects.

It turned out it was Carmilla who’d eaten the cookie, and she eventually started to show signs of being ‘violently high’.

‘The moment the drugs hit and she realized she dun f***ed up reeeeal bad this time,’ Carmine captioned one photo of her beloved cat.

Carmilla then spent the next four hours grappling with the consequences of her greed.

She was crying to get up on the bed, and then simply staring at her tail for a long time. She then decided to sit in the bath for a while, as well as behind the toilet.

After like four hours of anxious babysitting, she finally sobered up enough to eat and walk around, and spent the rest of the night sleeping it off on my lap. #CarmillaKitten

Towards the end of her high, Carmilla got under an armchair and only briefly sent her paw out to be patted before retreating again. Feels.

Thankfully after a few hours she returned to her normal self and was able to eat and sleep it off. It was a big scare for Carmine, though.

Carmine concluded her thread saying, ‘There’s no moral to the story but in summary, please do your drugs before your cats do because this was horrible and the only way I can deal is to joke about it on the internet. The goblin in fine. Thanks for joining us for Carmilla’s Big Drug Adventure 2020.’

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That is a pretty good moral of the story as far as we’re concerned, given that THC can be very harmful to cats if ingested.

If this does happen to you, the first thing you should do is call your vet. Although in situations like this everything can end up fine – and a bit funny in a mean way – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Carmine Deville's cat found its way into a bag containing a marijuana edible. It ended up having a pretty stressful time.