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Consume Cannabis: Spliff, Bong, Dabs or Edibles?

We have written this article to explain where our name Spliff Seeds originated from. Ever since the word Spliff became popular thanks to the Mexican Revolution, all over the world there are many traditions and methods of smoking cannabis. Most commonly they are called a Joint or Spliff. There are actually many ways to smoke cannabis using papers, pipes, bongs, vaporizers and dab rigs. The most common and popular method, especially in European regions, is mixing cannabis buds with tobacco. The cannabis culture in America is different in that they do not use tobacco and prefer to smoke pure joints of dried cannabis. Some people, due to financial or even cultural impact, choose to mix their cannabis with tobacco: a joint rolled this way is technically a Spliff . Learn how to roll a Spliff.

From A Spliff To A Dab Rig

Modern day smoking culture has been heavily influenced by Eastern traditions. There are so many different ways to enjoy smoking cannabis and below are a list of all the different methods, a list of all the different methods is given below.

Blunts:A blunt is when a cigar wrap is used to wrap pure cannabis inside. A blunt wrap can be made from a cigar or specially designed “blunt wrap” smoking papers, which are often available in many different flavours. In America smoking blunts or at least pure joints is very common. You could say that a blunt is the opposite of a Spliff.

Hot Box: This method is as old school as it gets and involves a heat source, a room where the air cannot escape and a lot of buds or extracts to throw on the heat source. Ultimately this leads to the room filling up with smoke and everyone in it getting super high, it is also why it’s called a hot box. You can try a modern day version using shisha coals and a towel.

Pipes: Eastern cultures have been using dry pipes since the so-called opium wars and many people all over the world enjoy smoking marijuana through a pipe. Pipes come in different designs and materials, some might prefer a high end pyrex pipe, while others might argue that a basic wooden or metal pipe hits just as good. Most pipes are super basic and are only built with an air hole to allow air flow when smoking and control of the smoke.

Bongs: A bong is a device which allows you to smoke a ground up bud in one hit and really experience the high. Many bongs come with water chambers to cool and purify the smoke. There are also ice bongs and many creative designs with multiple chambers.

Vaporizers: Vaporizing is considered the safest way to smoke: by not actually burning the flowers, the smoke released is a very fine vapour. This vapour contains the essentials from cannabis and has the added benefit of not smoking. A great tool for medical users as by vaporizing you can really select which cannabinoids to smoke.

Dab Rigs: With the rise in popularity of THC extraction, everyone is learning how to make oil and finding out the best way to smoke it. A dab rig is similar to a bong, however you heat the part you would usually place the buds in and when hot enough, by using a small piece of wax or hash, you then smoke and enjoy the flavour and high much quicker and stronger. For medical users, a dab is a way to achieve immediate pain relief.

I Don’t Want To Smoke A Spliff…Edibles And Medibles!

Smoking a s pliff or blunt is not the most desirable way to consume cannabis, especially if a person does not smoke to begin with and has no intentions to start smoking. A safe alternative that has a super medical response is edibles. This means mixing cannabis (extract) with ingredients when cooking and as a result, you will have decarboxylated flowers. This basically means that you are activating the THCV to THC.

Edibles are a great way of ensuring cannabis is working its way through your system and activating the body’s natural cannabinoid system. Edibles come in all varieties from the typical chocolate brownie to sweets, ice cream, bread, biscuits and even dried fruits. Edibles can be made with high doses and are often classed as narcotic and overpowering. When eating edibles you should always start small and work your way up. THC requires fatty acids to bind to so when cooking with Cannabis, use coconut oil or something with a fatty acid inside.

How Will A Spliff, Bong, Dabs or Edibles Way Of Consuming Cannabis Affect Me Differently?

By smoking a joint, a first time user can expect to feel a lasting high of around 4-5 hours, whilst during this time will experience feelings of social happiness, relaxation, increased appetite and a general feeling of being physically tired. When a bong is smoked, the effect is much more immediate and quite overwhelming to the untrained bong smoker. An entire bud is consumed in one bong hit so if you think about one full joint in a 5 second hit, then you can imagine the effects of a bong.

We have written this article to explain where our name Spliff Seeds originated from. Ever since the word Spliff became popular thanks to the Mexican

Can I Use My Bong As A Dab Rig?

A glass bong(or glass water pipe) is a must-have item for all of us who likes to enjoy our cannabis buds, comparing to traditional rolling with a piece of rolling paper, a glass bong can help to filtrate the harmful materials generated from combustion like tar and more, meanwhile cooling down the smoke making it easier to inhale.

But since the dabbing game had gone more and more popular in the past few years, most of us are wondering: Can I use my bong a dab rig?

Well, the answer is definitely yes but there are a few things we need to consider before we convert our glass bong into a dab-ready piece, in today’s Puffing Bird Wiki we’ll be walking through some of the points which we think is critical for the decision to turn your glass bong into a dab rig.

The Size Of You Bong

Size is a critical and straightforward factor.

Unlike smoking dry herb which bigger the water pipe the better, dabbing is all about vaporizing the cannabis concentrates and making the vapor travel a distant after being cooled down by water that’s relatively shorter than traditional smoke generated by dry flower/herb combustion.

Also, dabbing requires you to stir your cannabis concentrates with a dabber or carb cap to keep it moving for complete vaporization, too big of a bong will make the vapor difficult to travel up such a long distance without the help of a carb hole.

However, if you have a water pipe that features a carb hole that will be perfect, like this one as shown below:

If you have a tall bong which is over 15″, we think that it might be too big for dabbing.

The Shape Of Your Bong

That’s right, the shape of your bong plays a crucial role in whether you can convert your bong into a dab-ready piece as well.

Themed bongs or novelty bongs are not so great when it comes to dabbing, their joint angle size might not be regular 45° or 90° like most of the water pipes, and the design of the bong might be causing some trouble for you when you try to install a quartz banger or titanium dab nail on it.

Typical novelty bongs like the Penis Bong shown below is not suitable for converting into a dab rig, because it has a bowl piece that’s fixed to the downstem.

We’ve tried to install a regular 4mm thick bottom quartz banger onto a little animal shaped glass bong but unfortunately, due to its unique design after we’ve installed the quartz banger on it we find the quartz banger is in a bizarre position which we can’t find a proper way to heat the quartz banger not to mention dabbing with it.

So you might ask: What type of bong is the best when it comes to dabbing?

Typically speaking, a beaker bong would be the best.

A beaker bong is very easy to come by in local headshops or online headshops due to its timeless design and minimal functionalities. The simple structure of the beaker bong is the main reason why it’s the best for dabbing, a beaker bong is made from a glass beaker body, a removable glass downstem, and a bowl piece.

The downstem provides the minimal amount of filtration but can still cool down the temperature of the vapor sufficiently, and the beaker bong’s shape is perfect for storing a massive amount of vapor.

Tips For Using a Beaker Bong To Dab:

1. Keep in mind that most beaker bongs have a 45° angle joint so get a 45° joint quartz banger to go with, titanium dab nails can do the job as well but you will have to tilt the beaker bong to 45° to keep the concentrates from dripping out.

2. If you’re using a butane torch to heat your dab nail instead of an enail, you might want to add an adaptor in between the downstem and the dab nail to prevent the joint of the bong or the downstem from breaking when exposing to a massive amount of heat generated by the butane torch.

3. If you think the vapor is still too hot, add some ice cubes or cold water in the bong to chill the vapor.

The Percolators In Your Bong

When it comes to percolators if you want to convert your water pipe into a wax rig, there are two rules to remember:

Smaller the percolator, the better.

Simpler the percolator, the better.

Multiple percolators are excellent when it comes to smoking dry herb/flowers because of multiple percolators provides maximum filtration that could filter out the harmful materials like tar generated by combustions.

But since we all love the sweet taste of our concentrates, a water pipe with too many percolators could do you no good, too many percolators would filter out the taste and decrease the potency of your concentrates.

Here’s a video of a glass bong with multiple percolators:

Please note that when we are talking about percolators we ‘re talking about the percolators that are functional, like the swiss percolators, showerhead percolators, and tree percolators. Not the ones that exist in your bong for the good looks only like the flower marble or the ball percolators.

In Conclusion

When it comes to converting your water pipe/bong into a dab rig/wax rig, there are no wrong answers here, the few points that we mentioned up there are merely experience talking from our foolish attempts in the past few years in the field. I’ve seen people using a 6″ tall bong to take a big fat dab and that’s totally fine.

A glass bong(or glass water pipe) is a must-have item for all of us who likes to enjoy our cannabis buds, comparing to traditional rolling with a piece of rolling paper, a glass bong can help to filtrate the harmful materials generated from combustion like tar and more, meanwhile cooling down the smoke making it easier