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The bullies who scarred a young Brûlée to spite him presumably paid for their mistake with their lives . Don't interfere in his fights, especially if it's against a Worthy Opponent. Beware the Mind Reader: His Observation Haki lets him see the immediate future.

This is a large part of what makes him such an infamous pirate. Be Yourself: Villainous example; his character arc revolves around this. As a child, he was much like Luffy, shoving donuts into his mouth while his triplet brothers Daifuku and Oven laugh in amusement. Perospero tried persuading him to hide his fanged mouth so he could make friends, but Katakuri rebuffed him, stating that "I am what I am!" and he'll beat up anyone who bullies him for it. However, after learning that the bullies he beat up stooped low enough to scar the face of his younger sister Brûlée out of spite, Katakuri thought it was his fault that Brûlée was hurt, so he tried hiding every "weakness" about himself just so he could protect his family from being hurt again . In the present day, Katakuri is the strongest warrior of the Charlotte family (second only to his mother), and has gained a notorious reputation and high bounty for himself. He is widely praised by his brothers and sisters for being the perfect Charlotte, even bragging that he never once laid on his back in his entire life. Deep down, he isn't happy with this, as he suffers from incredible stress trying to maintain his facade and do most of the legwork for his family by himself. The only times he could truly relax is during his "snack times", and even then, he had to keep those a secret by murdering anyone who sees him snacking .

After fighting Luffy, who doesn't care what he looks like and even manages to land a few hits on him, Katakuri finally gains the strength to cast away his facade so he could have a fair fight with Luffy. He even shrugs off Flampe's attempt to cruelly humiliate him, after she makes it clear that it's his facade she likes and not the real him. In a symbolic gesture, he takes off his jacket, which bears his family insignia, and tosses it aside . Big Brother Instinct: Surprisingly enough, he has these instincts despite being raised under Big Mom's dysfunction and his generally cold personality. When Luffy tells him to stay away from his friends, Katakuri retorts that Luffy needs to stay away from his "precious" brothers and sisters — and then he continues to give Luffy a cranked-up No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. He also prevents Luffy from striking a taunting Brûlée to make her shut up. As a boy, when Katakuri discovered that his own recklessness and arrogance led to his sister Brûlée being horribly scarred by the bullies he beat up, he was so enraged that he brutalized said bullies off screen. This instinct is the reason he went above and beyond to cultivate his fearsome image, so that none dare to bully his siblings again . However, his relationship with his sisters, Pudding and Chiffon, is a tragic subversion. Despite vowing to protect his family from getting hurt like Brûlée was, Katakuri was notably absent during Chiffon's abuse and Pudding's bullying, which is weird in the latter case since since he himself was once bullied for having a physical deformity like her. Whatever the reason, Katakuri's inaction resulted in both sisters secretly helping the Charlotte family's enemies . Big Brother Worship: Katakuri is the third of 85 children and apparently all of his 82 younger siblings look up to him and idolize him due to his personality, strength, position, and invincibility. According to Flampe, all of his 38 younger sisters selected him as their favorite brother. Brûlée in particular looks up to him, to the point that she would claim that he never even laid himself down once . In the end, despite knowing what Katakuri is like behind closed doors through her mirrors, Brûlée still loves and worships him unconditionally; this is because he went above and beyond to defend her honor after she was horribly scarred in the face by bullies as part of their Revenge by Proxy . Big Eater: Revealed to be one when he gets annoyed that his fight with Luffy delayed his daily snack time by almost an hour and is given a cartload of inner tube-sized donuts to chow down on. Takes on a more literal sense of the term when we see he actually has a mouth filled with fangs attached to his face, one he is not shy of using his mochi-powers on to make it bigger just to fit more in his mouth while eating. He was this in his youth, shoving down donuts without a care in the world, but after his sister Brûlée was scarred out of spite by childhood bullies, Katakuri began seeing his eating habits as one of his many flaws, and started hiding it away from his family and the public. Big Little Brother: At sixteen feet and eight inches, he is much taller than his older siblings, Compote and Perospero. Bizarro Elements: His Devil Fruit is the strangest one yet (barring the non-canon ones). It's a Paramecia, so he is able to produce and manipulate mochi (a type of Japanese rice cake), or more accurately, the substance mochi is made from (water mixed with mochiko or rice flour, specifically from a short-grain japonica glutinous rice known as mochigome. ) Besides the absurdity of freely manipulating what is essentially sticky amorphus masses of rice dough, the Mochi-Mochi Fruit is a "special" Paramecia, allowing him to convert his body into it. Blush Sticker: Gains these briefly after Brûlée tells him that she has previously seen him lying down on his back, by way of mirror .

Bond Villain Stupidity: No, dude, leaving Luffy to suffocate in a mochi tomb is not going to work. You should have just postponed your snack time to make sure that he was actually dead first. A single instance because he was craving his sugar fix amidst a lifetime of Pragmatic Villainy.

Boom, Headshot!: In his first two chapters, he takes out two guys this way by flicking jellybeans through their heads.


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