best cannabis accessories

Best cannabis accessories

Ahh, the beloved dugout. It’s a classic smoking accessory. That classic just got a makeover courtesy of the folks at Elevate Accessories. Behold the classiness of the Colfax handmade luxury wood dugout kit. Are you beholding it? Good. Now smoke it. Oh, you don’t have one yet?? Well you’re gonna need one, cuz, cause .


Check out this awesome holiday-themed glass from MJ Arsenal! It’s the “Hotbox Cabin” Blunt Bubbler, an incredible rollie bubbler for cooling and filtering smoke from joints. As you inhale, smoke is drawn into the water, through the hat of the adorable glass snowman, down through a cabin-shaped chamber, and then out .


Life is confusing. Are you on the right path? Well you’re about to be. with The Path Pipe! An ingenious – and gorgeous – hand pipe that cools smoke with a maze-like path for ultra smooth hits. The magic begins as soon as you inhale, drawing smoke through the bowl to begin its exciting journey down a winding, .


Take your portable weed game to the next level with this cool leather dugout kit from SilverStick. This beautiful leather kit is made from premium Italian leather and makes the perfect classy companion for smoking about town. Open up this leather dugout kit to find a SilverStick filtered pipe (which you may remember .


3-in-1. Oh yes. It’s 1. But it’s also 3. How can that be, you ask? Cause it’s the Hydra 3-in-1 Modular Smoking System, a very cool weed gadget from Cali Crusher with multiple personalities (but in a good way, not a creepy Law-and-Order-suspect kinda way). In “bubbler” mode it delivers smooth, water-filtered .


The Dynavap M is a battery-free vaporizer that works with a lighter, hits like a champ, and vapes like a dream. This snazzy titanium and stainless steel vaporizer is packed with thoughtfully engineered features. With just the power of a flame, the Dynavap M delivers the kind of truly tasty flavors and big puffy hits .

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The Dopest Weed Gear to Help Get You High

Now that more states are finally seeing the light and fully legalizing recreational marijuana, the majority of the U.S. population lives in a state where weed is available in some form. To celebrate America getting over that mountainous hump and our continued slow roll toward becoming a green-tinged paradise — and observe the sacred stoner holiday of 420 as one of National Importance —we’ve rounded up the best weed accessories, gear, and gadgets you can obtain legally without resorting to a sketchy head shop or asking your older cousin with that patchy mustache.

And, since we’re based in Oregon, home to some of the cheapest weed in North America, we are 100% familiar with all of these products in ways someone from weedless Alabama might never know. But don’t fret, Budless in ‘Bama, we’ve got a good feeling about the future, so you might as well start buying your paraphernalia now.

So, friends, prep the snacks, pack a bowl, and get ready to do some stoned shopping.

Dr. Dabber Switch

For the top spot on our round-up, we’re bringing out the big guns in the form of the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer. Not only can this gadget vaporize bud, it can also be used as a dab rig for oil/shatter/wax with the added benefit of not needing a mini-blow-torch to get that THC flowing. Using a patent-pending induction heating method, the Switch is completely without heating elements, meaning you’ll never have to worry about accidentally burning your house down when you stumble stoned from the couch to the pantry for your favorite snack stash.

Summerland Pleasure Point Slate Black Ceramic Bong

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and anyone who holds this bong can never doubt its glory. Made from black-glazed ceramic, the Pleasure Point bong from Summerland offers a quality smoke session while blocking out all the nasty visuals you’d normally find in a clear glass bong. And for that, we salute you, Summerland. It also just looks damn good sitting on a side table in your living room. No shame, stoners! No shame.

Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing Set

Nosy neighbors are a nuisance. Nosy neighbors with a nosy nose are even worse. Head that problem off at the pass with the Cannabolish Cannabis Odor Removing set. Well worth the price (which, in Oregon, is more expensive than some eighths), the Cannabolish candle and odor removing sprays are actually effective and eliminate odors rather than cover them up. It also leaves behind a pleasant, minty smell that’s reminiscent of juleps and horse-racing. Just in time for the Kentucky Derby.

Daily High Club Honey Bear Dab Rig and Bong

We really can’t think of a cuter smoking device. You can get this little honey bear in brown or in a clear version and watch as he darkens up over use. The only downside to this little guy? Cleaning is a touch difficult, but with some hot rubbing alcohol and some vigorous shaking, this cub will come out spotless.

Daily High Club El Primo Subscription Box

Leave it to the creator of that cute bear above to bring you the best weed subscription box on the internet. For just $30 a month, you get a shipment of fun and useful accessories and devices. From rolling papers to roach clips to bowls, you never know what kind of great little gadget you’ll get in each box. And what’s better, this stuff isn’t junk that’s going to break or fall apart after its first use – instead, Daily High Club offers high-quality products from know smoking brands.

Higher Standards Glass Tips

Stop relying on cardboard roaches when it comes to your joints. Upgrade your rolls with these glass tips from Higher Standards. Simply place in one end of your joint as you roll it up, light, and go. The glass prevents your lips from burning while also keeping them a safe distance from the tar that inevitably starts to leach out from that super sticky. Bonus: These can be used as one hitters for quick back-alley inhales.

Whether your a hardcore stoner or a casual cannabis consumer, you'll need a good device to smoke it out of (unless your into edibles, in which case, read no further). From electric induction dag rigs to Honey Bear bowls, here are the best weed accessories and paraphernalia to get you high.